Q – There are not many sleeve notes for the album Etc. The acoustic guitar on this sounds fantastic, and there are many great songs. I normally love sitting down to read the sleeve notes and find out things like who plays what on the album, and where it was recorded and the like. Is there somewhere I can find this information? A website link?

A – The credits are short and simple because that’s the way it was recorded. If the song is a band song it is Rafa on drums, Chris Wilson on Bass, Amanda Kramer on keys and any background vocals, Quine played electric, Neil played lap steel and I played acoustic. If it’s not a band song – I played everything. It was all recorded in Harold Dessau (now gone) on Murray Street near the World Trade Center. Songs were all started in my little room – ‘The Establishment’ mark 1. Drums and all overdubs were done in the main recording room.