Q – lloyd, I would like to ask you if you are watching EURO 2004 from there, in US, and if so, which team do you thing will win.

Also I would like to confirm if you are a Chelsea fan, and if so, what would be your opinion about José Mourinho, the new coach.

A – I watched the last 45 minutes of England’s exit from Euro 2004 in a bar in San Francisco with a mob of ex-pats who, frankly, frightened me. We were robbed, as the disallowed goal was a good one.. but we were also crap and lucky to be in the match at that time. I’m pretty sure I’m not watching any more England matches. Rubbish.
I am a Chelsea fan, but I may soon be giving up all football affiliations.. I prefer lawn bowls. Mourinho will do a good job, I expect, but I have no love for the Chelski concept.