Best beer of the trip was from a small Munster brewery – Muller’s Altbier from Pinkus/Muller. They have excellent old school restaurants, too.

For basic German Pilsner I think I prefer Jever.

The only bottled mainstream beer I found that i prefer was from Salzburg in Austria – Stiegl Pils. Also coolest glass.

A new (to me) Belgian beer, light and crisp (not trappist), is Vedett. Discovered in Winchester of all places.

Timothy Taylor – my favourite Northern pint. Which necessarily means my favourite English pint.

Last night in Mechelen we were treated by the locals to their very own Golden Carolus (many variations). I preferred the triple.

Not a new discovery, but still a big up for the great Duvel, which my German engineer Alaska had never tried before. He is now a firm Belgophile.

After being seriously underwhelmed by Jupiler, years ago, I foolishly wrote off all ‘basic’ Belgian beers. Consequently it’s taken me years to get around to trying Maes. It was my loss. It’s a fine beer, and can without condescention be called an excelent ‘Duvel – light’ meaning that you can probably drink it all night without worry. Not something you can do with Duvel.