Q – I was having a look at your tour dates and noticed that you have performed all over the world (including my home town of Stirling) but have you thought of coming to Baku? As it is an oil and gas country, there are thousands of ex-pats here and many Brit’s would love to see you play. We did have the pleasure of Elton John last year but at the moment, we are having to put up with Uzbekistan’s answer to The Sweet!

I am the Editor of a magazine here and I am always being asked if artists will tour here and as I love your music (Like Lovers Do in particular) and as many of the bars play your songs, I just wondered…

A – I go where I’m invited to play. I have played a few ex-pat type shows, notably in the Middle East and I’m grateful for the opportunity to see places like Oman, where I had a wonderful afternoon buying saffron and jewelry. I’ve never been to the Eurasia area, in fact I’ve never played anywhere in Asia outside of Japan, and nowhere in Central Europe East of Vienna. I hope to fix this soon. So if you know the powers that be, it sounds like you do, have them email my agent – Free Trade. The details are in the contact area.

Publication date: 19/11/2008