Q – I recently heard a demo from the Mainstream recordings, I am not sure of the title, but the lyric begins “It’s always raining in St Petersburg”. What is the song called and what became of it?

A – That would be Everyone’s Complaining. The Commotions recorded it with Chris Thomas in Paris in 1987, but that session did not work out so well and nothing was released (we recorded mr. Malcontent also). I recorded a home made version of the song in 1989 for, I think, some kind of Red Wedge thing. I’m unsure if it was ever used. I did have the recording mastered in 1993, though, to use as a b-side for a possible Bad Vibes single. It was never used. This recording will be on ‘Cleaning out the Ashtrays’. The Commotions recording – well, I don’t know. If the ‘Ashtrays’ project works, maybe we’ll do a Commotions one.