More work on new piano tune.

Fine tune drums some more. Add bass – end up choosing an upright bass sound, which I normally hate, but it sits with the drums best, and the piano is pretty low, so less room for the usual sound..

Spend several hours trying to add a simple acoustic guitar strum, but I’m less and less inclined to find this type of part interesting. I wanted to add the timbre to make the piece less keyboardy, less machinelike. But after several tries I give up. Then I’m messing around with a different capo position and I find a counter melody (counter to the piano melody I already have). This adds the timbre and another dimension. Is the piano now correct for the other melody?? Record it on nylon strung guitar also. Glockenspiel may work also..

Mutter some vocal melody ideas and consult notes for suitable sketches to try to superimpose.

This song is evolving similarly to My Alibi, from last record, I woner if there will be any piano left when I’m done?? I hope to juxtapose with the instrumental keyboard version, anyway. So that would be nice, maybe..