Q – Have you traded in the King James version for the Wall Street Journal? It seems that the lyrics on your last few albums indicate a trend away from Biblical references to financial and economic influences. Did you pause along the way at the Christian Science Monitor? Or was it a complete conversion? Still keeping your options open? Or does these lyrics just reflect the current reality for most of us grownups?

A – I think, honestly, the biblical references were almost lazy writing, Jesus is always good for a walk in the rain isn’t he? And I do still think that the SOUND of the words is very important so I guess, not so much lazy, but consciously non committal. You I don’t like the didactic writers. These days I’m bombarded with economic jargon every time I pick up the paper or listen to the radio, and I’m interested in how the free market has become such an accepted oracle… I don’t buy it. These days I do know which side I’m on. I guess my work is reflecting this.