Q – I have just noted your new song idea entitled “Astroturfing” with great surprise. Really I was taken aback and feel compelled to ask you what it’s about.

I have never written a song, nevermind a lyric before but I have been keeping a notebook of ideas in a bid to achieve an ambition to write at least some couplets worthy of a great, original song . I’m astonished that I have chosen a similar title earlier this year.

What I don’t know, of course, is whether we’ve had similar ideas . I’m happy to share that my idea is/was along the lines of “fake grass roots campaigning”. Just curious, is your idea along similar lines?

A – Funny. We are definitely on the same wavelength. Fake grass roots was what I was thinking. Maybe something along the lines of an updated ‘Substitute’. Write yours and I’ll write mine and we can compare at a later date. Titles are not covered by copyright, we can both do it.

BTW, Macca, I believe you have actually written some pretty good songs, great ones, even. Don’t put yourself down.