Q – Do you have a favourite chord change?

A – William and I were just at the piano figuring out Bridge Over Troubled Water – that takes some beating… Others that come to mind would be Waterloo Sunset, Yesterday, Here There and Everywhere, Angie…

I guess for me it changes every record. On the last one it was definitely something like – C, G, Am, E7, F. Broken Record, If I were a song, Man Overboard and Double Happiness all use something like this.

Overall I think I’ll still keep going back to the No More Love Songs / Morning Is Broken / Headlights – Am, F, C (Cm, Abm, Eb).

I’m trying really hard to stick to 3 or 4 chords like Kistofferson or Nelson, we’ll see how I get on. And I’d love to write a good one chord song.