I honour of Spencer, one of our most prolific posters, I’ve started a new section for the set lists he’s been posting, that I had, until now, nowhere to put. Here’s the first one, and one of my best memories ever, our first 5 piece negatives show. LC, over to Spencer.

someone else was asking about setlists-
I just came across this info from april 1998-

LC + Negatives played dates in NYC @ mercury lounge 4/16/98.

and Fez 4/24/98
I was at both shows & I believe this is the fez set:

fez under time cafe
380 lafayette st/great jones
w/david poe; late set w/fishermen’s stew

past imperfect
negative attitude
brand new friend
lost weekend
save the world
impossible girl
like lovers do
dont look back
4 flights up
today im not
i didnt know that you cared
modern world [j richman]
jennifer she said
that boy


tried to rock
perfect skin