I may be in the final stretch, and then again, maybe not.

All the optimising that is posible has been done. There are 3 string arrangements and 2 bass tracks to be done. The rest is finishing (or in a few cases starting) lyrics and singing them. It is quite scary. I hadn’t meant to leave this much to the last minute – about 60% of the words are written, I’d guess, but I need to get the 40% done now.

The good news is – since finishing the optimising – engineer type stuff – I seem to be able to write. I’ll admit that I was worried about it. I had been ‘blocked’ on several tracks for quite a while and I assumed it was because I was struggling with computer crap so much of the time, but I couldn’t be sure. Maybe I was seriously drying up. Well I just finished draft 1 one of Rolodex Incident – probably the scariest track – scariest because it is 5 1/2 minutes and only a minute of that is singing. I knew exactly what I wanted to get across and had lots of scribbling, but nothing firm. I believe it is now assembled and, so far, I’m happy. Similarly, Antidepressant – which was just a chorus – was fleshed out today and expect to finish it tomorrow.

More soon, I hope.