The idea of the Folksinger series of CDs was to record the acoustic shows I’ve done, and offer them as a document/souvenir. Somehow or other I didn’t get around to recording the Standards tour set, which is disappointing because I thought it was pretty good. So, before I embark on my Retrospective Tour, I’m going to perform it four more times and record it. Folksinger Vol. 3 will be the best of theses recordings.

I’ve chosen Sonelab Studios here in Easthampton, MA, as the setting because I’ve worked with the engineer Mark Alan Miller on all recent albums, and we know and understand each other well. There will be plenty of time to test and fine tune before the actual recordings.

The recordings will be May 14-15 and May 28-29. Both are weekends. The audience will be limited to 25 per show, and they will be seated in the live room with me. I will not be amplified. I will be surrounded by microphones. The recordings will be late afternoon, around 5PM. I’ll play 2 sets and then there will be an informal songwriting Q&A session. There will be beer, wine and light refreshments. The whole thing will be concluded by 8PM. My thinking here is – if people wanted to come from as far as Philadelphia, then that is just about feasible, Google maps says it’s a 4:20 drive. To stay over there are hotels in Northampton and other nearby towns and lots of airB&B.

After the Saturday shows I will almost certainly lead a group of diners, if anyone is willing, to The Cellar Bar. On the Sundays I’ll probably* adjourn to The Brass Cat, my local bar. They allow food to be ordered in.

We will probably have a merchandise stand with t-shirts, CDs, etc (our shop ‘warehouse’ is quite close by).

Tickets are $45. If you’d like to attend please email my wife at It’s first come first served with the tickets.

Sonelab is here.

* I suppose if I had an awful time recording I might want to go straight home… but I doubt that.