It’s taken a while, I know, but Folksinger Vol 3 is here at last.

Somehow or other, even though it had been my most successful tour in over decade, I never got around to recording the Standards tour. So, over two weekends in late Spring 2016 in my hometown of Easthampton, Massachusetts, I invited fans to visit with me in the studio to recreate the solo set, live. The result is My Austere Demeanour – 19 songs, almost an hour of just me and my guitar, with 30 or 40 people being very quiet.

Track listing – Past Imperfect / Rattlesnakes / Kids Today / Loveless / Can’t Get Arrested / Womens Studies / Medley (Why I Love Country Music / Like A Broken Record) / Blue Like Mars / Are You Ready To Be heartbroken? / Don’t Look Back / Myrtle And Rose / Like Lovers Do / Why In The World? / Period Piece / Weeping Wine / It’s Late / Four Flights Up / I threw It All Away

Recorded and mastered by Mark Alan Miller with a cover photo by Nick Allen taken backstage during the tour. Warrington, I think. Thanks to all who attended and to all who helped with the project. It was less simple than I envisaged, but it’s finally done now. Volume 4 soon.

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It is also available from the Tapete Records webshop.