Q – apologies if already covered, I couldn’t find the answer.
I recently saw the video “Fool you are” on YouTube. Has this version ever been released? I’ve read your post about unreleased material due to record company switching and that the remaining material from 1996 appears on etc. However there’s only the demo version.

A – That version is on ‘The Collection’ – I was a candidate to be a single to promote the album. That never happened. No wonder. I must say I don’t like it much. I think it’s a great song that I never did justice to. There is a third version, which would have been on the follow up to ‘Love Story’ if it had come out, which I prefer, marginally, and it will be on the ‘Cleaning Out The Ashtrays’ rarities collection. The demo on ‘etc’ is closest to what I’d like, but still, it’s not there.