Friday, Saturday 25 – 26th

We have relatives staying with us so I’m working 2 half days to be part of our family.
Basic rhythm guitar is working. Attempt to add second acoustic failed. Simple telecaster with echo idea is promising. Simple drums with no backbeat also add vibe.
Hard to know whether to persevere with telecaster part once I have a sketch as it feels like something Neil will do better, but I get it close. Clearly the simple rhythm/lead arrangement wont work, too dull.
I find a 3 note clicking repeating dry electric part which sits very nicely with the Coattails synth. This coming in one verse 2 is good.
Record Guide vocal to be sure all is working properly.
Back to the early electric piano sketch – it seems to work in all the song except the middle section. Edit. More editing/mixing needed.
Add triangle to do job you’d expect cymbals to do – this sounds fine and it sits well with the echo Telecaster.
Sounds like a song. More next week. I think that is the last song I’m starting for the record. Now is is just a question of narrowing down which to finish first.