Hi ! I wanted to go and see your concert in Nancy but I won’t be able to – I’ll be on a (very small) tour in France to talk about my novels.

Finally, my publisher ( Buchet-Chastel) has decided to release my next novel “Morro Bay” in September this year – and to organise a special evening with the booksellers, journalists and book reps, in April ( end of the month), to present it. I’ll send you a copy of course, if you give me an address where I can send it. You’ll see your name quite often. I’ll try to translate the first two pages for you.

It deals with…well, being 22 years-old in 1986. In 1982, I lost my mother and my elder brother in a car-crash, and, 4 years later, in 1986, my father in a car-crash too. And then I was alone. Well, not quite. I had my best friend. And a (not so ex) girlfriend, and they were the only people I cared about at that time. And literature. And your records. One day, in June, I decided, after listening to Rich once again, to buy three plane tickets to Morro Bay, just to see what is was like.We went there, the three of us. It was like Jarmush’s Stranger Than Paradise ( Jarmush – another great influence) And I kept listening to “James” too, you know, “and it’s a shame to be alive, and be content to be”…It’s about staying alive and about how you and why you finally decide to get on with your life – and at what cost.

Sorry for bothering you with that. It’s my 9th novel. It’s the first time I’ve written about that period. You’ll never (ever) guess how important you’ve been to me. Take care

jp blondel