Monday 12th, Tuesday 13th

Spend much of Monday cutting and pasting to try to figure out an arrangement for this track. End up with and A, B, C, B, C, D thing where A is the intro and D is the playout and the meat of the song is the B,C sections. Significant vibe change for playout means quite a lot of drum work, and more work with fills in main song.
Touch base with MA company who sell the DrumKat controllers – midi things you can hit with sticks, or your hands, rather than playing drums on a keyboard

I have an old DrumKat with no power supply – these guys are shipping me one, so maybe my ‘drumming’ can get a little less time consuming..

How to make the frankly ‘chill out’ type playout work with the rest of the track??
The electric piano has gone half time, so the bass needs to define the chord changes – rewrite part and add filter for more dubby sound.

Manage to make the Cameleon synth from the C sections (sorry..) work in the play out but having muted the main piano parts – there is no focus. Maybe that is a good thing??

Eventually I find that the old piano melody, down an octave and spaced out, half time, sort of, works. I then loop it so each time it replays it is slightly later..

At last that sounds like it might be OK.. spend much time automating DP so I can have decent rough mix. This is new stuff and I’m learning all the time, but it is, consequently, slow. Make rough mix and hurry home to drive Will to guitar lesson. Only when I get home do I find that it is not Wednesday – which is when his lessons are. That will be tomorrow.