Tuesday 6th

Yesterday was labor day (US spelling for US holiday) so I took the day off like most everyone else. Went to BBQ, did some gardening with kids, and got knocked out of our GC matchplay by a better player..

I think I have 14 tracks for the record which will sit together. Some are more fleshed out than others. ‘G Minor’ is basically an instrumental idea I thought I might be able to turn into a song.

Re-evaluation – Good news, the rhythm track is pretty good. Minor tweeks and fills should be all that is needed. Learn how to effectively randomise data in DP – I want to make the drum track more ‘human’. The DP manual is not great in explaining how this works and I only get what I want by trial and error and quite a lot of cursing at the computer. Anyway the hi hat does not open identically every time anymore. Which is good.

The electric piano from Logic (this track dates back to when I was trying to work in Logic) does not sound great. I don’t know why.. Try various alternatives, none shine. The two computer system is working better now, so I find the midifile, load into DP, and run Logic in tandem. Sounds better, will work this way until arrangement is finalised.

Listen for a while to think what vocals might do. End up erring towards only singing in the b-sections, which would make the track more instrumental than vocal.. which is Ok, and would make a change.

Spend rest of day tweaking drums in BFD.