Q – Hi Lloyd, I was just reading your latest update and your only comment about the tour in Germany and thereabouts was “not what I was expecting”.Now I’m wondering, does this only refer to the lack of time to work on lyrics or were you seriously unhappy with the way things panned out? I saw you in Munich and I thought I noticed some slight hint of tension, on stage and up on the balcony where you & everyone else spent time before and after performing. I thought this was just because of the seemingly horrible accommodation you were given here in Munich (there was some quib about it on stage by either you or Kristian), or that I was just over-analyzing things.

A – Everything about the Munich show was awful. I hope we were able to play some decent music. The odds were certainly stacked against that.. We were using the balcony as a dressing room because the one they had offered us was in a different building and it was freezing – not good for guitars.. I don’t imagine too many folk will look all that relaxed when they are in full view of the audience when trying to prepare to sing. And the hotel was actually so bad it was quite funny, although maybe not at the time. The Night Porter became a sort of tour mascot. He was found sleeping holding a beer by one of our crew..