Q – Is there a good reason why you have not played the Glastonbury festival in the last 5 years, I should know because I have been to all 4 (there was no Glastonbury festival one of these years). I would have thought you were perfect for the Acoustic stage. This year I saw Leonard Cohen who was incredible (no Chelsea Hotel though) have you managed to see him so far or do you have plans to in the near future?

A – I’m not aware of being invited, but my agent knows that I don’t enjoy big rock festivals, even Beladrum was too big for me! And I have a 100% record at Glastonbury – we played once and we rocked! I can’t say that for many UK venues.
Regarding Cohen – I’m torn. I’d like to see him but I loved the show I saw at the Beacon Theater in the 90’s, after The Future had just come out, and I enjoy that being my lasting memory.