Over the last few years, since I’ve had this weblog, I must have deleted hundreds of notes, addressed to me, telling me how the writer felt about my work, what it meant to them, etc. Now, don’t get me wrong – I wouldn’t be making music if I didn’t want it to mean something to people, the problem I had was that this site was not set up to display that type of correspondence and, therefore I had nowhere to put them, and frankly, what can I say? Thanks. I mean it, thanks.

Since the introduction of free interaction at this weblog – now your comments can now be added to most all new posts – it seems that there may be a place for these notes, so I’ve added a new category – ‘Tell Lloyd’. I’m not about to tell you that I’ll check in there for my daily affirmation, but if you’d like to add something, you can add a comment below this, or below the note that I just received regarding ‘To The Church’ which I will make live in a moment.

Thanks again.