In New Jersey at a golf get together for a web discussion group I occasionally contribute to. Very intersting and great weather and I didn’t completely stink.

Fly back on first flight. Long day. In studio at 10.30. Back to Anti-Depressant, I think it needs the hyphen.
Seemingly useless guitar part actually has several useful bits.
Replace verse guitar with simple rhythm part. End up using brown taylor rather than change strings on Collings in case I need the dead sound again. Still no word from gutar tech on my Santa Cruz, which I could really use now..
Run this track through an amp simulator (tc electronics Tubifex) helps differentiate the sound from main guitar.
Revisit origial try cut and paste to keep only the accented figures and the chorus.
Make two tracks – amplfy the figures, keep chorus rhythm acoustic.
Sounds promising.
Play drums and tambourine (BFD) in real time (from keyboard) – selectively edit and quantize later.
Drums sound good except snare drum, audition various snares in BFD, find something that seems to work. Fine for provisional mix.
Put slight echo on main acoustic – this seems to be a common technique for my rough mixes – it seems to help gel the instruments.
Make rough mix, compare with others. This one is very much at the rough and ready end of the spectrum, but the album might need that.
10 tracks on the go now, none of which seem at all musically similar, which is good, because they will be, lyrically.