Q – Lloyd, have you played golf in NZ?
Would you be interested ?
If you have any time on your
up coming tour I would like to
arrange some golf for you.
(if you need a playing partner(s) & equipment I can sort that also)
I manage a golf store in Auckland NZ.
You sparked my interest (addiction) in the game!
Some years ago I saw a photo of you wearing a Ping cap
In a music mag. Being a fan I had to find out about Ping,
I ended up working for them.

I have spent the last 7 years working in golf.
You are indirectly responsible for my wife’s disdain.

A – I played once on the last visit in 2003. It doesn’t look like there will be time this time around. Sorry if I ruined your life. I hope not. I’m back with Ping playing i5 irons right now, they are great, I could happily lose the blue bits though…