Mon 13th to Thurs 16th
All week I was working on the Green tune of Neil’s.
Now it is ours. I took his A, B, A, B, C type arrangemnetand turned it into an intro/melody motif (A), verse (my extension of his B), and Chorus (my entirely new part, which was suggested by my verse).
This took quite a while of sitting at the piano playing and mumbling possible melodies, and I’m pretty sure they can hear me in the corridor outside.
Once I had a plan I used 2 pianos, yet again (I’m thinking of calling the album, Two pianos, drums, voice. Or something like that) one for chords the other for a 5 bar melody which cycles against a 4,8,16 type structure.
Created a simple bass part with usual Trilogy sound.
Added steel string guitar, but I’m wondring if nylon might be better.
That doesn’t seem very much for 4 days, but much of the time was sitting around humming. Not something I need to share with you in detail.
Friday, Saturday was a big golf tournament that my partner and I did not win.