Tues 15th, Wed 16th

Yesterday I spent way too much time pondering the possibilities of Neil’s guitar loop idea fro WomanInaBar. What is sad is that when I do things like these myself I usually am happy to let the chips fall wher they will and if it sounds good to me, move on. However, with this part I’m the editor and I was getting way too Steely Dan with the details. I was also testing a string part that David had submitted, so there is a possibility that I was overwhelmed by possible outcomes. Anyway, I think I ended up overcomplicating it.

Next day. The guitar is Ok but to clever. I will address, First I have to create a new Garritan string section to play David’s part from Finale without the articulations screwing up. This doesn’t take long and sfter I’ve ascertained that the second violin part is actually the Cello, it sounds pretty good. I then spend an hour or two fine tuning the arrangement and getting rid of the legato stuff that can’t be heard in the mix anyway. Telephone contact with david, and we’ll liaise later in the week for him to do a rearrange, not much to fix, though.

I decide to leave the guitar arrangement until I’m happy with strings (cop out? maybe).

Break for haircut.

Move on to Traveling Light.
Neil plays 335 slide guitar on this 2 tracks recorded simultaneously for each take, one amp, one direct (sansamp). The guitar here is a dream to edit as the last of 6 takes is nearly perfect. I still have to listen to all 6 and make notes, and this is a good thing as I find a couple of lovely touches from some early takes to integrate into the comp. This takes about 2 1/2 hours. That is fast. File is edited and optimised.