Thursday 17th

More editing N Clark’s guitar.

The Young Idealists was pretty much finished and didn’t really need anything excepy maybe some help in the middle section. I did have an incling that some ‘ambient’ type friipy ebow stuff might work, in small doses, and that is exactly what we got. I now have an ebow figure leading the song in, with a few repeated phrases through the first half. Then an echoing clean guitar, quite busy and therfore quiet, through the second half. As usual NC comes up with a couple of harmonies I hadn’t thought of.

I didn’t see it coming. Just a solo that I sung to him and we went for George Harrison multitracked slide thing. It sounds lovely, but maybe a bit too perfect for such a small song. So I spend an hour or so playing with various nasty distortions to put some of the tracks through. I think I have something I like..

I Love Everyone. Very simple pop/rockabilly tune. My parts have already fleshed it out, so NC adds variety and new harmonic elements. He is also electric, all mine are acoustic, which is pretty much the recipe for mosty of the album. He recorded 6 tracks and I told him that that was enough, I was sure I’d be able to compile a great track from them. Well… after a couple of hours today I wasn’t so sure. But I flew a verse one from one take onto verse 3 and did some creative copying and pasting and I couldn’t be happier. Looks like I might add some harmonica to be really obvious. This song is 2 minutes 10 seconds of a good vibe (musically, at least). Should be on someone else’s record then, I guess..