Q – First I wanted to say thanks for all the great music over the years! Next I wanted to ask you what guitar rig you used to record the arpeggiated rhythm guitar/hooks “Vin Ordinaire” & “Impossible Girl”. Really nice clean but rich sounds! Thanks!

A – Thanks. I can’t be sure on this but those arpeggios are Michael Kotch and I, I think I only play acoustic (which I can remember – Gibson j-45) on Impossible Girl, so it’s either Michael’s Rickenbacker 330 or my Telecaster. On Vin Ordinaire it would be those two again – we both play electric – but I’m thinking I might have played my Gibson 335 on that. Sorry I can’t be more help. The amps would have been the usual Negatives set – THD Bassman, Matchless DC-30 and Rivera amps.