Q – Well, I start playing the guitar about 3 years ago so my skills are modest but not too bad really. So I would desperately learn to play a bunch of your songs (What´s wrong with this picture, Don´t look back, Young idealists…) so are you probably willing to create a tab-area for people such as me?

A – OK. I got this note, and a few others of a similar nature in 2004. I’m finally getting around to addressing them. Today I’ll create a new folder on my site where I will put pdfs of scanned chord charts of songs of mine. I’ve created an empty template which I’m printing out right now and I’ll post that also so that you can print it out yourself to use as you please.

I’ll also create a new category on this weblog, so you can find all of the posted charts in one place. I’ll be doing these one at a time and only for songs which are requested.

To reply to another query – there is no songbook out there. I can’t say there never will be – I might do a lyric book at some point, but for now, this new area of the site should, hopefully, satisfy those who wish to know how I play the songs.

I should note that these charts will be a good deal neater than the ones I tend to make for myself, but only I need to be be able to read those.

Publication date: 26.05.2004