Those of you who have benn following the glacial progress of my record will note that I’ve been quiet lately. That’s because I’ve been doing dull stuff. I finished editing Neil’s guitar tracks. 90% of them turned out exactly as hoped or better. A couple didn’t and I have played a little guitar myself. It is interesting that now Quine is dead, Neil is sounding like some kind of morph of himself and Bob. We even have a song transformed into some kind of folkies play ACDC vibe. Quite funny, I hope.

I’ve also been wrestling some more with my G5 and the sofware I’m using. More bugs and more delays. Most recently I’ve been concentrating on getting all the midi and virtual instrument data rendered to audio. There seems to be less that can go wrong with that.

There is no way that I’ll be mixing in January. But I hope to have all the tedious stuff done by the first week which gives me two weeks to just write words and sing, which I can assure you will feel like a holiday. It’s been a tough project, with all the technical problems, but I listened to all the rough mixes yesterday, and I think it may just have been worth it. We will see.

I’m posting a couple of mp3s of rough mixes as a holiday gift for those of you who might care. Best wishes for 2006.