Q – I am a new user and hope that I have found the correct screen for “ask Lloyd” questions.

I have been a HUGE fan for twenty-five years… looking back I have to say that your 1990 self titled album ranks in my top three albums of all time – I have not been able to put it down for very long during the last eighteen years. During this time I have bought more than one hundred copies to give to friends in hopes of creating more fans – which I am pleased to report has been a success.

Each and every song from ‘Lloyd Cole’ is extremely special to me and evokes very warm emotional feelings… thank you.

My question is who played the harmonica piece on ‘Undressed’?

A – You are in the right place and you posted this perfectly.

Gosh!! Thanks so much for the hundred sales. I’ve been doing the same the last few years with Steve Reich’s Music for 18 Musicians.

And – to answer you – it was me. I thought I credited myself on the sleeve notes, but they were handwritten, and probably illegible, then.