Q – LC, Do you get frustrated at having to play the ‘old standards’ every time you gig…to appease the fans who maybe don’t have any of your post-Commotions work? I remember being chuffed to bits that you played ‘Trigger Happy’ along with various other fantastic solo songs, at a recent Melbourne gig, but it was frustrating to hear most (not all) of the other punters shouting for ‘Forest Fire’ et al in between each song. However, when I used to watch you in the UK the audience seemed more familiar with (and receptive to) your solo stuff – fair comment?

A – Norwich, England was the only show I ever played where the total disregard for anything I’d written since 1987 made me a little uncomfortable. Otherwise, I have no control over this – so if someone pays to see me, I’m happy. It is nice if folk listen to all I present – but then, they usually do.