Q – Hey Lloyd – So outside of music, what do you enjoy doing? Somehow I can’t see you spending your summer days planting marigolds off the front porch or hosing out the gutters.

Am I wrong?

A – What makes you think I enjoy music? Actually I just heard some new bob hund and it put me in great mood. Summers here in New England are awfully hot and often heinously humid, and I wish we could be somewhere else but we have work to do on our house. I do enjoy pottering around in the garden somewhat but I’m mostly just weeding. Weeds and mosquitoes – get rid of both of them and the eco balance be damned, I say! Still, we did plant some more myrtle under some of the trees and a couple of nice blue grass clumps. We do ride our bikes and I do play golf, although today was too hot. We do have a nice porch and I have been spending a little more time there with my new hobby – and I’m sure this will horrify just about everyone – I have a pipe, several actually, and I’m having quite a nice time trying various tobaccos. My dad smoked a pipe until he was told to stop and I thought he’s be horrified that I’d taken it up (I quit the Lucky Strikes 8 or 9 years ago) but he seemed rather pleased for me and Quine used to smoke one – he collected obsessively just like he did with everything – and I’m seeing that one could easily drop $$$$ in no time at all. Pipes are rather lovely objects to have and hold. Need to be careful – even the very best tobacco is cheap, pipes can get expensive.