A – lloyd how about some b-sides or bonus tracks such as your ‘waterloo sunset’? and cher’s believe? dylan’s girl of the north country? you were doing jackson’s ‘these days’ before westerberg or that movie. how about another springsteen, anything but ‘born in the usa’?
maybe bring back dylan’s ‘I dont believe you’ live? thanks

A – Spencer, I hope many of those songs will make it onto an acoustic live Cd which I am planning.. when will I get around to it? I can’t say. B-sides for the next record will all be remixes. There was only one song finished which didn’t make the record – Coattails, and it needs more work. I’d like to do 3 or 4 mixes of Rolodex Incident so that all the b-sides could become a sort of mini-album of Rolodex options. We’ll see.. I’ll have to start work on them soon..