Q – Hi Lloyd!

I have tried to post several times in “Ask Lloyd” but never managed to get published… Hoping for better luck this time. I just wonder how you consider your coming record compared to the ones you have done in the past. Is it more like ETC and Music in a foreign language or more like the early solo albums like Lloyd Cole and Don´t get weird on me babe (a little bit more rock´n roll…)? I understand if it´s difficult to make comparisons like that, but I am just curios about the sound and tone of your new songs. I prefer when your sound is a little bit more rough.

A – Well, it’s not finished yet… What I can say is that is more upbeat than I had envisioned. I had expected to follow the lead of MIAFL into the sunset. I can only blame my 12 year old for playing to much rock’n’roll in the house… Sounds wise it is somewhere between MIAFL and Love Story, stylistically is is rather eclectic with some very short simple folkish tunes and some quite long pieces, some of which one would be stretched to call ‘songs’. The provisional running order (iTunes) is 14 tracks and just under 50 minutes.