Q – I have a stupid question and although it’s not very important, I’d like to know the answer. How many albums have you sold worldwide in the past 25 years? Sometime I read for instance that the Pet Shop Boys sold more than 30 million albums. Have you sold more than a million? And what was the most sold record? Easy Pieces? Good luck with your next record. Well sold or not, I’m looking forward to buy one. Regards, Martijn

A – I don’t think it is a stupid question, but I don’t have the answer. I probably don’t want to know the answer… A few things I do know. Sales in the UK alone are probably over a million – All the Commotions albums sold at least 250,000. I think mainland Europe would probably match that figure, Commotions sales were maybe not so high but early solo records sold well. In N. America it must be at least 300,000, maybe 500,000 (the 1984-89 sold well here as did the first two solo records). I’d guess world wide sales would probably be around 3 million. Easy Pieces was the fastest selling, but I’m sure Rattlesnakes must be the best seller by now, as it has remained in print all this time.

Publication: 15-06-2009