Q – How does one dress for a concert? For a classical performance the choice is relatively straight-forward. One dresses exactly like the conductor – black for the man and even more black for the woman.
For a pop concert, however, etiquette demands that you wear the same things as the band or the singer.
This general rule, however, can be fraught with difficulty. I remember attending a Roxy Music gig at the Odeon back in the mid-70s. Practically everyone in the hall was dolled up – boys and girls, difficult to tell which was which – in feathers, leopardskin and huge spangley collars. That, by general agreement, was the Roxy “look”.
When Bryan Ferry stepped on stage he revealed a major career shift towards pressed trousers and khaki shirt. The latest album cover gave no hint of this. Tinsel and glitter were jettisoned in vast quantities by the interval, and lads piled into the Gents to remove eye-liner.
These memories came flooding back last Saturday night as we mingled with the hordes outside the NEC Arena for the Leonard Cohen Concert. How exactly should one dress for a Leonard Cohen concert? (full article from the Birmigham Post is at the link)

Your opinion Lloyd?

A – I think you can have the black polo neck, and even the courderoy jacket too. But no berets, especially not if you have the soul patch. I’d probably wear my golfing gear (I love my M&S pink sweater) to upset the religious types.

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