Q – Hey — this must seem very rude, but I gather from one of the previous posts that you find Heartbroken different to play in standard tuning. The thing is, I suspect it was written in Open G (though correct me if I’m wrong). It’s also very easy to play in Open D with a capo. Here’s how: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1eigDf7pjAo

A – Very nicely done. But neither Neil nor I ever used open tunings (maybe Neil used drop D from time to time) in the Commotions. Not for writing or recording. And I should note that it is difficult for me to play, not for Neil!

What is not addressed in the video is how you get to the C and F chords. Feel free to let me know. If there is a way maybe I could try the song on the black (open tuned) guitar.