Mon 24th

Vocals need to be ironed out on this. Right now only the chorus is written. I have melodies and words for the verse, but not synchronised..
Anyway, looking at the song again, the drums need more work and the basic sound of the chorus and intro is lacking something.
Fairly quickly I find that one of my best Albino sounds – Close Mist – sounds great through the new freebie distortion unit – Cyanide – and workd well to make the intro less bare and medieval sounding (I had thought I liked that, but I’m now thinking it sounds like some kind of joke).
Onto the drums. Lots of the same type of dull work I’ve been doing for weeks now, but song benefits from extra dynamic and variations.
The chorus has a glockenspiel, with lots of echo. I work for hours on this, treating it, augmenting it before eventually finding that I like the part better on a melotron flute sound (yes, the really famous Strawberry Fields, Stairway to Heaven sound). Don’t worry, this isn’t anything like thsoe songs. Rather than write counter melody/harmony on the same sound it turns out that the Albino/Flute combo is a great juxtaposition. Get chorus one working.
Time to go home. I’m also in the process of moving my not inconsiderable golf club collection out of the studio and into our new basement, so I fill another car load.