Tuesday 11th

Putting some shape to what was called Simple Piano Song. Yesterday I met with a local musician who may be able to help with string arrangements, I saw heard some of his work recently and was impressed – this area is really not so bad. Anyway I tidied up a few of the tracks which need strings which brought me to this one. Strings are already better after a little editing.
I had intended this piece to have no different parts and just keep going around the same pattern for 2 1/2 minutes, I just wrote a bridge. Is that a good thing? I hope so. The piece is less experimental now. I added a (semi) solo piano and some electric piano (Logic EVP88) to this section and then rebuilt the whole song around it. While doing this I had a lyrical idea – I’ve been mulling ‘I didn’t see it coming’ for a while now and it seems to fit with the refrain melody. So the line may be – I didn’t see it coming, now I’m underneath the train. Fairly typical love song stuff for me, I suppose. Rest of the day fine tuning the drums to add some dynamic, but hopefully not overdoing it, as the monotonous vibe was attractive already. Hopefully I can get a lyric together to record a vocal tomorrow.