Needs must.

Corona Virus has made me unemployed for two years.
Without this page we would certainly have lost our house.

I’m sharing memorabilia.

I’m gradually uploading bootleg recording and the Folksinger series for subscribers.

I’m making guitar lesson videos.

I’ve started The Notebook Project – a photographic history of song evolution via my notebooks. As of Spring 2023, all Commotions albums, and the first three solo albums are done, Love Story is in progress.

With the popularity of The Notebook Project I expanded the idea to include audio – demo recordings, rough mix recordings, etc, chart the development of the songs. The first 6 albums are done. I’ll begin Love Story Soon.

I’ve recorded several basement mini-concerts, each with their own theme.

I’m trying to keep the subscription costs down, and rather than having expensive tiers, I’m working hard on social media to try to build a large community at the page.

$3 per month gets you memorabilia.
$5 gets you memorabilia + The Notebook Project
$7.50 gets you everything. You can pledge more if you like.

The page is here