Tuesday 27th

Finish drum work on ILE, add snare drum introduction, fine tune fills. Add Spectrasonics Atmosphere pad sound to go with ride cymbal, sound swirls like a real cymbal, but moves around stereo field also. Try harmoica, playing along, will probably work, but need to practice first, it may also work on Good to Be on Top. Make ILE rough mix.

Revisit Woman in a Bar, last rough mix was April!! Extend the provisional arrangement to add a solo, last verse and chorus, and playout, reduce drum break in middle section. Fine tune the drum kit. Experiment with cymbals, end up hating all of them. Lose all. Write some drum fills, change a few patterns slightly. Edit Albino synth sound so it isn’t competeing with the bass.
Add tambourine. BFD tambourine is either great, or I can’t seem to get it to sit – the controls don’t seem to work like the rest of the drum kit. Load Toontrack Percussionist – haven’t looked at this since I’ve been focussing on BFD, there is much more variation available in sounds. Do a little work, get an OK tambourine.

Basic WIAB track sounds good. Guitar needs replacing, but part is good. Real strings would really help and it sounds ideal for Neil’s style, so i should leave space.

Load new PSP plug ins, new Nitro filter and Multidelay, neither of which I absolutely need, but I have most of their other stuff and it is all great, and the upgrade to add these was discounted but only until October, maybe I’m a sucker, maybe not. The multidelay seems very useful.
Download update to Cameleon 5000 synth. I see no difference, but unfortunately, these things need to be up to date, or we get crashes…

Need to work more on Percussionist, DrumKat, Kontakt and BFD to have a seemless system. That will need to be tomorrow.