Q – I understand that this perhaps isn´t a matter of great importance for the general community, but I do have been wondering about these things for a lot of years…

Did You think about the Four Tops´song The Same old song when Levi Stubbs sings “Sentimental fool am I” when You wrote Your own wondrous song Sentimental Fool?

A – No.

And.. Were You influenced by the Doors, when writing Brand New Friend (Hyacinth House) and You Will Never be No Good (Don´t You Love her Madly.. You Wanna be Her Daddy)…

A – Yes, and Yes, although I’m rather embarrassed to have referenced one of my least favourite bands. And then again, that is one of my favourite songs (Love Her Madly). Very frustrating band, the doors.

And… Why the connection between one of my favourite Lloyd Cole songs of all time “WITCHING HOUR”, the text of which is partly similar to the embryo of “My Bag”.. that is “Old Hat”… (I really fancy that song..)

A – It’s the same lyric really. I had given up on Old Hats – the Commotions never recorded it and we only platyed it a couple of times. It seemed like a waste of a lyric.

Your censorship uses to be rather harsh, but if the kind folk begs You to answer, I reckon that Your heart will melt!! (LOL)

A – Sorry about that. I try.