I’ve been a big fan of yours for many years and have visited this site many times but only got around to registering just then.

My Q: Are you aware of the percentage split between your i-tunes sales and those on CD format? Is one more profitable to you as the artist giving consideration to the price of an albulm on i-tunes being often times no cheaper than buying a CD which obviously comes at an additional cost for the CD, case, printed artwork, distribution and everyone’s cut through the supply chain?

By the way, For the albulms I have re-bought on i-tunes, I have left you some ***** reviews.

A – Thanks! I have to be honest – I don’t really know. iTunes are so strong in their market position that it isn’t really worth worrying about, I’ll just try to sell as many of both as I can. The forthcoming site updates will include links to buy from , iTunes, myStore, or Amazon. I doubt we will be able to stock every record I’ve ever made. But we will try. If I can be retailer also, or a partner in the retail side, I might be able to make a living…

When do you reckon you’ll next visit Melbourne?


Publication date: 01/05/2008