This is another one of those songs that the chords are simple but the arrangement is not.

First note – on the recording we all detuned our instruments by a semitone to make the key F# which was judged the best key for my singing. This is not easily done on stage, so we, as a band, and I, on my own, have always just played it in G.

Note also – add an A7 chord to this list, and a few passing descending notes on the C and you have Unhappy Song.

Intro, Verse, Playout – G/D, F#bass/Em/D/C/D

B Verse – Am/D/Am/D/C

Chorus – same as verse but hold C for longer, first time around –
G/D, F#bass/Em/D/C…/D

Bridge, Solo – C/Em/D/C/Em/B7