So the journey was uneventful at least. Got most of the last lyric – Traveling Light – written in the lounge and on the flight. Saw the Johnny Cash movie onboard, which was not bad. I arrived at the Hammersmith hotel on Wednesday morning and had a quick shower and headed over to Mick Glossop’s house where he has a pro tools mixing set up.

First day was just going over files, sounds etc, making sure we had everything we needed. Actually one of the files I created was wrong – the start time was out. Fortunately I had the original Digital Performer files on DVD and was able to create the right file using my laptop. I get Indian food (see food links) and try to catch up on sleep missed previous night.

Thursday I feel terribly sick. I think it’s something fluey, but could just be exhaustion. I get Mick working and go back to bed for most of the day. Hotel has put me in a a nasty cold room which won’t heat up. They agree to move me the following day. Spend rest of day sleeping and feeling sorry for myself, hoping I’ll be OK for Saturday when I have to sing Traveling Light. Eat hotel food!! I almost never do that, but it’s cold and raining.

Friday – feel quite a bit better. Take it fairly easy. MG doesn’t need me for much right now. Go shopping at Marks and Sparks find sweaters and socks I needed. Did not find shoes. Still it’s awfully cold and damp so hole up in new, slightly better hotel room, more work on lyrics. More hotel food!!

Saturday – Alchemy Studio in Wood Green is booked for noon for singing. Mick Glossop recommended it because he knows the owner/engineer. Get a black cab around 11.15, having decided I didn’t want to take my Neumann U67 microphone on the London Tube.. forty seven pounds later we arrive at the studio.. Setting my American equipment up takes an hour or so, and then singing takes about half an hour. I record 4 takes. The last 3 are all pretty good, I choose the 3rd as the best and then patch up the bits that I don’t like. Pro tools with a good editor – engineer Kenny – is great and very easy for editing. We are finished by 3 or so. Minicab returning was exactly half the price of the black cab. So, that should be the recording all finished. Indian food in celebration. I intend to eat as much Indian food as possible on this trip as it is the only food that i love that i cannot get where I live.

First day off in about 4 weeks!! Beat my manager at golf and then let him buy lunch. Pretty poor form. Then watch the Carling Cup at his house. Look at the golf, but it is so dull.. Back to the hotel to finish the typing Mick needs (lyrics). Thought I might be able to get by without dinner, but hungry around 9. More Indian food. Different place, also excellent. Time Out’s London guides are great!