Q – Your notes on the Butterfly remix included on Cleaning Out The Ashtrays got me thinking. I notice that a lot of artists have been making their tracks available for remixing by fans. Some offer every track as a separate audio file, while others offer only the vocal track, forcing the remixer to come up with entirely original instrumentation. Some of these artists seem to more obviously lend themselves to this treatment, such as NIN, Morcheeba, or Radiohead. Other less so, such as just about everyone on Peter Gabriel’s Real World label.

Would you ever considered this approach to virally marketing your music?

A – Never say never, I guess. I would never have believed, just a few years ago, that I would be Twittering to maintain my internet presence… but here I am. The internet remix thing is just another gimmick, and I do think that tech driven gimmicks tend to be particularly abhorrent, but if it brought people to my music who otherwise wouldn’t hear it, I suppose it is worth considering. The set up expenses must be fairly minimal. Your $.02 appreciated.