Q – Hello Lloyd, yesterday I was listening your music online and I have discovered the album “1997 demos” with some songs I have never heard before (it’s too late / forget your head / are you happy now).

The song “it’s too late” is really a good song, but she’s not on “Cleaning out the ashtrays”; this is a choice or did you forget it ?

A – It is a great song – Carole King wrote it! Those demos would be the first Negatives demos from October 1997. George Rush was playing bass and Jill wasn’t in the band yet. Forget Your Head and Are You Happy Now were tunes, songs ideas never finished.

There is a whole thread about COTA – and why this is on and that isn’t – here’s my reply from that thread –

The algorithm that I decided upon to choose the tracks included here is a simple one – these are studio recordings which were produced with commercial release in mind. That means no live songs, and no demos unless those demos were released, or mastered for release.