Q – I Just heard two – probably older – songs of yours, wich i did not know. The first starts with the line “jesus said to mary” and the other one includes the nice line “your underachiever needs you”. They are not listed in your Lyrics section, are they? Can you tell me wich period these two come from and what they are called?

A – The lyric section is down right now anyhow, but it will be back. ‘Jesus Said’ is the song which starts with ‘Jesus said..’ It is an outtake from between Rattlesnakes and Easy Pieces. It was eventually released as b-side to My Bag and it can now be found on the Deluxe Rattlesnakes 2 CD set.
The other song is ‘Tie Me Down’ which was only demoed in 1998 or thereabouts, but the demo was put on the b-side of a single in the late 90’s which never got released, so only a few promo copies were released (That Boy).