Q – Are you aware of the quite funny comedian Jimmy Carr, who’s looks – in a weird kinda way – resembles your’s? (I actually find an article where he claims that “”Lloyd Cole was great because he gave hope for young men with fat faces”!)

And have you seen/heard about a play called “Lloyd Cole Knew my Father”?? What is that about? (I actually belive some friend of Carr’s where involved in that one..)

And while I’m on it: is there a (stand up) comedian that you particularly like?

A – Jimmy Carr came to see a London show I played a couple of years ago. I am glad to have given hope, I used to hate my fat face. Now it is just jowly.

The LCKMY show was a radio show by Dave Quantick, Andrew Collins and Stuart Maconie in which they talk about their lives in rock journalism. They actually opened the show at my Bloomsbury Theatre show the same year.

Stand ip these days?? I wish I could get out to see Sarah Silverman.