Q – Lloyd –   Now that you have kids (and myself along with many fans are probably in the process of planning for kids soon) have you ever given any thought to an album of songs done by you (and maybe other artists) for children? When one takes a look at the selection of music for kids out there its voluminous but often painful for us adults to listen to.  Any thoughts about a disc that we adults can appreciate as well? And what music do you like to listen to with your kids? Just looking for some guidance and salvation.  Looking forward to hearing from you.
Adam Rosenberg

A – I’m not sure I’d be too good at it. But my friend Dan Zanes in NYC started doing it for fun a couple of years ago and he is fantastic, I’m not sure if he has released anything commercially, yet, but watch out for him. Pete Seeger’s kids’ stuff is great and the Smithsonian Folkways has some good compliations. ‘Family Folk Festval’ on Music for Little People (distributed by Warners) has helped us through many difficult car journeys. ‘Annie’ has some good songs. All Rogers and Hammerstein is wonderful. Most kids like good dance music..

Publication date: 1/6/2000